Wood-aluminium windows


Aluminium clad wood windows successfully combine two perfectly compatible materials that are ideal for the fabrication of window frames which satisfy architectural requirements for all styles of buildings.

The advantages of aluminum clad wood windows are:

From the exterior, they provide the elegant look of lacquered aluminium (available in a choice of colours), they are hardwearing, resistant to humidity and bad weather conditions, have no water condensation or dew in the champers, and the heat coefficient is reinforced thanks to the insulated air cushions in between the two materials.

From the inside the wood creates a warm atmosphere, high acoustic margins and gives good heat retention. A variety of woods are available.


The wood-aluminium frames ensure high quality weather tightness performance, the elimination of a heat bridge towards the exterior and minimise water condensation.

Aluminium clad wood windows Technical information

Aluminum clad wood windows - Sectional cut

a - Aluminium frame - Wide choice of RAL colours

b - Insulated glazing 24 mm or 31 mm thick (larger thickness possible if required)

c - Double glazing windows (multiple options) - Thermal - Sound - Safety

d - The aluminium frame is clipped to the wood

e - Rebate for perfect sealing

f - Bottom seal

g - The aluminium section does not rest on the wood (5 mm gap). Vapour diffusion can take place normally, avoiding the appearance of any condensation between the wood and the aluminium section.

Some aluminium clad wood windows styles

Remember, all products are custom made.


large arched windows

traditionnal windows with panes

small round windows with panes

Large arched


Traditional windows

with panes

Small round

windows with panes

classic country french wood windows

arched windows with panes

for heritage projects

Classic country french

wood windows

Arched windows

with panes

For heritage projects

we offer many types

of mouldings

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